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Blogging for EMG-Health offers you a great opportunity not only to share your medical thoughts with the world, but to help build your writing portfolio, and add great skills to your CV. Whether you’re interested in writing about the mental health of medical professionals, the impact of social media on medicine, through to a specific condition, we’ll work closely with you from the first moment you contact us expressing your interest to blog for us, through to the moment you review your work after it’s been through our editorial in-house process and your piece going live on our website. We’ll even engage with you on social media if you let us!

If you would like more information about blogging, please visit or email [email protected].

Take a read of the EMG blogs for ideas to inspire you:

Blogging Testimonials

“Blogging for the EMJ is an innovative approach of getting important health content to the relevant audience.” – Julie Nevin

“I really enjoyed writing and working with you. The editorial team was very friendly, easy to reach, and very helpful in making thoughtful edits. The process of writing the article took less than one week. It was one of the easiest and fastest articles I have ever written. More importantly the journal has a presence on social media and they were very nice and tagged me in all social media photos when the article was published which increased the reach of the paper as well as readership.” – M. Chadi Alraies

“Health and medical blogs have attracted research attention, in particular from scholars of medical education, social media and health communication. The general public is somewhat isolated from information about recent developments in the medical field and the ‘blogosphere’ represents a large source of wide-ranging opinions and attitudes. Bloggers interested in reporting health information should increase the quality and reliability of their blogs by following and citing biomedical literature. I consider EMJ blog as a right platform to speak health science. As a biomedical scientist, I love contributing to blogs related to health & disease awareness and recent developments in biomedical research catering to the general public with a focus on science communication –without losing my identity as a scientist of reliability, accountability and international reputation.” – Dr M. Balasubramanyam

“Blogging for EMJ was not on the top of my priority list but improving care for people with diabetes was. When EMJ contacted me to share my vision on diabetes care I found a partner to improve care by sharing knowledge. The team at EMJ accompanied me in the approval process and kept me well updated. Thanks to the great collaboration we were able to favour change in the treatment of diabetes by improved awareness of the patient’s wishes and needs.” – Margot Vanfleteren