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Written by Kim Cordell  Product Development Administrator, European Medical Journal  @EMJ_Kim


As February draws to a close, the team here at EMJ are wondering where the time has gone as we busily prepare innovative content for our avid readers!

For those interested in news updates, articles, and events spanning across a wide range of therapeutic areas, February has seen the first of our quarterly newsletters this year for Oncology and Hematology, Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology, Respiratory, and Neurology, leaving you spoilt for choice during the month of love! If you have missed out on any of these and would like to receive the latest developments and publications straight to your inbox in future, or indeed if you wish to receive publications from other EMJ therapeutic areas, please make sure you subscribe.

Invariably, February has brought regular news updates throughout the month, ensuring you receive the latest research news and medical developments as soon as they happen, in addition to a round-up of the week’s news stories each Friday. Several reports which have piqued our interest this month include the use of a brain-computer interface allowing patients suffering from complete motor paralysis to communicate, modifying existing ‘virus-like particles’ to develop more practical poliovirus vaccines, and antibiotics able to kill resistant bacteria using mechanical force. For those of you interested in reading these stories, or indeed any of our other news updates in more depth they can be found in the news-updates section on our website.

To stay up-to-date with the latest medical insights from our wide range of therapeutic areas, make sure you follow us across our social media platforms of TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn. The EMJ team often share medical facts, trivia, historical insights into medicine, and more, so there is no reason to miss out!

Lastly, as February for many is the month of love and appreciation, we would like to thank our readers for their continuous support and invite you to review our updates and articles from January. Why not take a look at our inaugural edition of EMJ Innovations 1.1, containing a full review of MEDICA 2016? In addition, this issue contains an assortment of articles exploring the potential for technology to aid the medical industry for you to delve into.

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