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March Madness

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Written by Kim Cordell  Product Development Administrator, European Medical Journal  @EMJ_Kim


You blink once, and it’s the beginning of 2017. You blink again, and March is here, eagerly knocking on the door to announce its arrival after what feels like 3 seconds of 2017, let alone 3 months!

As always, it’s all systems go in the EMJ offices, as we push forward with our publications for the year, and the month of March will certainly not disappoint. There is just one matter of importance to note before we get underway with our news.

You see, as a nation of chocoholics, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has introduced the DECHOXTM, which is exactly what it sounds like. If you had even hinted at the notion of no chocolate for a month to the team at EMJ in December, you would have been laughed out of the office. We were surrounded by an assortment of shiny wrappers, tins, and boxes of confectionary. Yet March brings fresh light to the situation, and we have had time to reflect upon our over indulgent Christmas decisions.

With the BHF urging the nation to ditch the delicious stuff this March to raise money for life-saving heart research, we here at EMJ have decided to join in. Please note, that this doesn’t stop us from sniffing chocolate wrappers, waking up erratically after nightmares of a world without chocolate, and wistfully dreaming of a bite of the good stuff. Good luck to everyone that is participating, and let us know on our social media channels how your DECHOX is going; heck, why not even share your suggestions of how you’re avoiding the sweet stuff!

For all of you who have been eagerly anticipating our second journal of the year, we are happy to announce that EMJ 2.1 is available to read on our website as we speak! Filled with an assortment of articles covering a range of therapeutic areas, EMJ 2.1 provides plenty to sink your teeth into including recent developments within the medical field, across Hematology, Interventional Cardiology, and Neurology to name but a few!

Not only do we have the first edition of our flagship journal out this month, March also sees the first of many congresses we have in our diaries for the year. As always, we will be attending the European Association of Urology (EAU) Annual Congress, and hope to see you there too!

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