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Spring Has Sprung!

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Written by Kim Cordell  Product Development Administrator, European Medical Journal  @EMJ_Kim


Once, twice, a thousand times I’ve said it, and yet as a new month rolls around, you can pretty much predict that I’ll comment on how quickly time has flown by this year. It’s one of those very British things that we are programmed to remark on, much like the weather, queuing, and public transport, or indeed the lack of it when you’re waiting in the cold.

We can’t deny it, April represents daffodils, leaping lambs, and cheeping chicks (and not just our Product Development Administrator, Louise Chick) but it also pinpoints one of the best days of the year: my BIRTHDAY. Not that I’ve mentioned it at all for the past month… However, if you were to ask some members of the EMJ team what April means to them, I’m sure they would more likely be found dancing around wildly, surrounded by chocolate wrapper confetti, their hands grasped wildly around some of the dark stuff, and rejoicing at the end of the British Heart Foundation’s DECHOXTM.

If you’re peering puzzledly at the person next to you, wondering what I’m talking about, let me recap EMJ’s March piece. Urging the nation to ditch chocolate, DECHOXTM is the brainchild of the British Heart Foundation, designed to raise money and awareness of heart research. While some of the team had caved within a few days, a few more determined members persevered throughout March and are enjoying the new-found freedom of the chocolate aisle that April has brought.

Not only does April represent Spring, and the end of DECHOXTM, it also means that the next publication of EMJ Urology is just around the corner! Hosted this year in London, UK, the European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress took place in the last week of March, and the EMJ team were of course armed with cameras, clipboards, and boxes filled with EMJ cows (it wouldn’t be a congress without them!) to take note of the research presented. EMJ was proud to be considered within the top ten influencers of the congress on social media, and our next edition of EMJ Urology will of course include a full congress review, so do subscribe if you wish to receive the latest publication updates straight to your inbox!

As our team prepares to attend The International Liver Congress™ (ILC) 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, nothing remains for us to say other than we hope your April is filled with sunshine, positivity, and celebrations all round as we make way for the summer months. Too positive?  There’s no such thing!

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