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This February, EMJ Supports

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Written by Kim Cordell  Product Development Administrator, European Medical Journal  @EMJ_Kim


For the European Medical Journal (EMJ), the beginning of each month provides an opportunity for us to showcase the medical campaigns we select to support across our social media channels.

This February, EMJ has proudly supported World Cancer Day in addition to Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month, organised by the British charity The Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF).

Held on the 4th February, World Cancer Day was celebrated as a day to unite the globe in the fight against cancer. With the aim of raising awareness and education surrounding the disease, World Cancer Day pressed for individuals and governments around the world to take action against the illness. Utilising the hashtag #WeCanICan, members of the public were invited to share photos of themselves playing sports across social media to represent individuals of all ages and abilities participating in physical activity, mirroring the inclusion and participation associated with World Cancer Day.

As mentioned above, February has also seen a month of awareness for cholangiocarcinoma which is organised by AMMF, the UK’s only cholangiocarcinoma charity dedicated to tackling the disease and raising awareness about the condition. Also known as bile duct cancer, cholangiocarcinoma is a primary liver cancer that arises within the biliary system and can occur in the small bile ducts within the liver, the branches in the centre of the liver, or in the main bile duct draining out of the liver. Although considered a rare disease, it is the second most common primary liver cancer worldwide, which is the driving reason for AMMF’s continual campaign for greater awareness of this disease.

Helen Morement, Chief Executive Officer of AMMF, explained that: “Whilst in general, cancer survival rates are improving dramatically because of better diagnostic techniques and improved treatments, this is not so with cholangiocarcinoma… We desperately need to raise the awareness of this disease across the board: with the public and with the medical community, especially the general practitioner (GP), so often the first port of call when health problems present.”

Whilst the team here at EMJ strive to shine a light on various, and often overshadowed, medical conditions and diseases each month, the charities and partnerships we showcase rely on support from members of the public to raise awareness and take action for the future, so please spread the word!

For further information on Cholangiocarcinoma, please visit:

For further information on World Cancer Day, please visit:

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