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Welcome to the new and improved EMJ – Blog!

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Now we are all settled into the New Year, we would like to take the opportunity to fill you in with what’s new here at EMJ and what’s install for the rest of 2014.

After a tremendous amount of interest last year, we are both eager and excited to build our platforms and tailor our services to a much higher standard for all of our readers. We not only want to give you more of an opportunity to get involved but to make it much easier for you to find, follow and keep up to date with your chosen specialised area.

If you are a fan of our daily Twitter feed, you will be pleased to know that we have now expanded our tweets across 13 new feeds, individually catered for each of our specialised areas. If your ‘Twitter fingers’ are buzzing to get in touch, then keep your eyes peeled for these accounts:

@EMJCardiology                     @EMJDermatology                 @EMJDiabetes

@EMJInterventional                 @EMJUrology                         @EMJGastroenterology

@EMJOncology                       @EMJNeurology                     @EMJRespiratory

@EMJHematology                   @EMJNephrology                    @EMJHepatology

We are also thrilled to introduce a new eJournal to the EMJ series. The very first EMJ – Rheumatology will be published later on in the year. So be sure to also look out for @EMJRheum for updates on this new eJournal!

We are also taking time this year to really boost our YouTube channel. Bringing you a host of new videos. If you have a video of interest that you would like EMJ to publicise via our channel then please do get in touch. Don’t forget to check out our favourites list, which is loaded with fun, educational and fascinating videos from other health based channels.

You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn, where we post daily discussions and polls. So don’t be shy, come and join in!

If you would like to be published on the EMJ – Blog, then please use the contact forms available on our website and/or blog.

Looking forward to reading your posts!!

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