Our addition to ERA-EDTA 2014: the EMJ Cow - European Medical Journal

Our addition to ERA-EDTA 2014: the EMJ Cow

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Our EMJ team recently travelled to Amsterdam to attend and review the 51st Annual Congress of the European Renal Association- European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA). This year was different from the rest as we were very pleased to have our first exhibition stand. As you may know, we like to do things a little different here at EMJ, so instead of bringing you a hard sell on everything Nephrology, we bought you the EMJ inflatable Cow and a free subscription to our 2014 Nephrology eJournal (which includes a full coverage review of the congress, a selection of peer reviewed papers, and breaking news within the field).

Now we know what you are thinking… but the EMJ Cow did travel with us for a reason. She happens to be a Holstein Friesian, and just like the theme of our front cover, she too is also from Holland. The EMJ Cow and accompanying infographic was to raise awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Did you know that it is recommended that you monitor your dairy intake if you have CKD.

With a particular emphasis on CKD at the Congress, we are very pleased to say the EMJ Cow could not have made her debut at a better establishment or better time.

Alongside raising awareness in CKD the Congress also included a variety of topics including: renal physiology, hypertension, dialysis, and transplantation; all presented in stimulating formats of symposia, presentations, and late breaking clinical trials.

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We would like to congratulate those who won an EMJ Cow. If you would like to share your experiences from the congress or photos of your new EMJ Cow in her new home, please be sure to tweet us at @EMJreviews under the hashtag #EMJCow and tag/like and share your photo on our Facebook and Twitter feed.



If you had an interesting experience at the Congress and would like to share this with your peers, we also urge you to submit a blog post to be published to thousands worldwide.


We have our last remaining EMJ Cow back home and helping our editorial team with EMJ – Nephrology. We would like to thank ERA-EDTA for having us, and hope to have a stand again next year in London!

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