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Introducing the European Medical Journal 2.3

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United Kingdom, August 31, 2017: Welcome to this year’s third instalment of the European Medical Journal. The issue contains an abundance of high-quality, peer-reviewed articles from a variety of medical fields, including oncology, cardiology, urology, and haematology.

Haematologists in particular will not want to miss this edition, as it contains a double feature of expert opinion pieces. Lupu discusses how to manage and treat myelofibrosis, explaining how our understanding of the disease has evolved over the previous decade and outlining the steps still needed to be made to overcome this disease. Meanwhile, Kavanagh and Lipton tackle the considerable challenge of correctly diagnosing hypereosinophilic syndromes.

As always, this journal concludes with its large selection of brilliant academic papers, sure to spark interdisciplinary discussion. The editor’s pick for this edition comes courtesy of Gameiro et al., who evaluate renal involvement in multiple myeloma. The field of urology is then one area to take the spotlight, with Albaz and Üçer analysing recent treatment modalities in Peyronie’s disease, Aggarwal et al. introducing the role of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in premature ejaculation, and Sokhal et al. discussing the use of preoperative alpha blockers to facilitate ureteroscope insertion, in the context of a case-controlled study. Mandal also features, discussing the significance of asymptomatic bacteriuria and its potential treatment with antibiotics.

The journal’s first cardiology offering comes in the form of an article by Weeraman et al. on chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention (CTO-PCI). The authors discuss the continuing improvement of the technique and present a convincing case for its use, particularly in patients who would otherwise be left untreated. In the journal’s second cardiology paper, Rodriguez et al. provide a thorough review of fetal pericardiocentesis, from the technique itself to an overview of the literature.

Finally, haematology and oncology close the journal in style, with papers spanning bone failure syndromes (Foglesong et al.) to a theoretical view of ovarian cancer relapse (Giornelli and Mandó). Also within, Korkmaz seeks to shed light on non-classic myeloproliferative neoplasms while Pesántez considers novel immunotherapy agents for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Available now:

The journal seeks to showcase the latest developments in medical science and furnish its readers with all the tools they need to conduct lively debates on these topics. Zoë Webster, Publisher at EMJ, commented: “I am proud to announce this latest issue of the European Medical Journal, which I hope will help to guide your research and clinical practice, as well as inspire dialogue between disciplines.”


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The European Medical Journal is an independent company that annually produces a collection of open-access medical eJournals covering therapeutic areas such as Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Urology. By combining editorials from key opinion leaders with concise news coverage from the leading congresses within the medical industry, we aim to deliver first-class insight into ground-breaking changes and advances in medicine. The production of our high-quality, peer-reviewed eJournals, and our collaborations with independent clinical bodies result in a dynamic and contemporary tool with which to assist industry professionals across Europe in progressively developing their performance and efficacy.

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