Editorial Enquiries for EMJ and EMJ GOLD - European Medical Journal

Editorial Enquiries for EMJ and EMJ GOLD

Evgenia Koutsouki, PhD
Editor, EMJ

Evgenia completed her undergraduate studies on biochemistry at the University of Bristol and went on to do a PhD in Cardiovascular Biology, investigating the role of adhesion proteins in smooth muscle cell death.
Following this, she moved to the University of Tuebingen in Germany, where she conducted postdoctoral research at the Physiology Institute focusing on the role of adhesion proteins in ion channel kinetics.
It was at this point that Evgenia realised her true passion lay on science communication, so she changed her career path to science publishing working on life science books.

Over time, she gained diverse experience working across book and journal publishing in both large and smaller independent publishing houses. For the past four years as Editor of the European Medical Journal, she has developed the EMJ portfolio of open access journals, using innovative approaches to create impactful healthcare content, whilst leading a team of talented and driven specialists who strive to enhance the quality of healthcare globally.

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Isabel O’Brien
Content Editor, EMJ GOLD

Isabel completed her undergraduate degree at the University of East Anglia, where she studied American Literature with Creative Writing, and spent a year studying abroad in San Francisco.
It was during her studies that she discovered her love for journalism, and after graduating she took on a variety of writing and research roles before joining the EMJ team in 2019.
It was then that she realised her passion for life sciences and the people who make it happen, with a particular interest in women’s health, medical affairs and cell and gene therapies.

She now leads the EMJ GOLD team to deliver daily content across our website and social channels, with the aim of helping pharma professionals become gold medal winners in everything they do, through the sharing of informative stories and actionable insights on the topics that matter most in healthcare today.

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