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About Us

EMJ’s purpose is to elevate the quality of healthcare globally, by supporting all healthcare professionals with free and easy access to independent education and lifelong learning opportunities. We do this to create Gold Medal Winners, in a way that drives equal opportunity and enables more sustainable choices.

Our independent, open-access eJournals are dedicated to delivering first-class insights into ground-breaking changes and advancements in medicine. Spanning eighteen therapeutic areas including Innovations, Cardiology and Oncology, each journal provides the reader with the latest medical congress highlights, abstract reviews, and peer-reviewed articles to name but a few of its wide content selection. In addition, flagship EMJ journals are also published quarterly, bringing an assortment of research papers from a variety of topics, alongside unique features and interviews.

Meet the Team

Chairman of Advisory Board: Prof Jonathan Sackier

Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Spencer Gore

Chief Commercial Officer: Dan Healy

Chief Operating Officer: Dan Scott

Executive Assistant: Samantha Knights

Director of Performance: Keith Moule

Head of Sales: Robert Hancox

Head of Publishing Operations: Tian Mullarkey

Head of People: Joe Morrison

Business Unit Leader: Billy Nicholson

Senior Project Manager: Alex Fox

Senior Performance & Insight Lead: Darren Brace

Senior Project Managers: Kelly Byrne, Drew Dirvin, Max Roy, Korey Coffey, Mark Kirwan, Jack Moore, Lewis Mackie, Masood Jon, Michael Stevenson

Commercial Strategy Manager: Nabihah Durrani

Strategic Project Manager: Emilie De Meritens

Sales Associate: Jannet Ip, Lee Bourke, Nishal Mohanlal, Callum Forster, Alex Hills, Patrick Finegan, Riccardo Rizza

Client Success Manager: Alexander Skedd

Client Services Executive Project Manager: Hana Osmanagiq, Andrew Le Baigue, Nicola Ip, Monique Fernandes

Client Services Associate Project Managers: Ben Whitcher, Aghattha Villaflor, Smilte Fadejevaite

Medical Writer: Hannah Moir

Finance Manager: Antony Kindell

Finance Assistant: Scott van Berckel

Credit Controller: Elizabeth Reith

Senior Recruiter: Shauna Doyle

Internal Recruiter: Satkartar Chaggar

Senior Operations Assistant: April McCaffrey

Operations Assistants: Jeramel Corsino

Travel and Facilities Coordinator: Jordan Collins

Editor: Evgenia Koutsouki

Editorial Manager: Anaya Malik

Copy Editors: Kirsty Hewitt, Jaki Smith, Noemie Fouarge

Editorial Assistants: Natasha Meunier-McVey, Robin Stannard, Darcy Richards, Evan Kimber, Jivitesh Newoor, Abigail Craig

Assistant Editor – Gold: Isabel O’Brien

Editorial Executive – Gold Jade Williams

Design Manager: Stacey Rivers

Senior Designer: Roy Ikoroha

Designers: Emma Rayner, Steven Paul

Junior Designers: Dillon benn Grove, Shanjok Gurung

Marketing Manager: Noah Banienuba

Marketing Assistant: Dan Alcock

Website & SEO Manager: Nilla Scaramozzino