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About Us

The EMJ, is an independent, open-access eJournal dedicated to delivering first-class insights into ground-breaking changes, and advancements in medicine. Spanning eighteen therapeutic areas, including Innovations, Cardiology, Oncology, and more, each journal provides the reader with the latest medical congress highlights, abstract reviews, and peer-reviewed articles to name but a few of its wide content selection. Flagship EMJ journals are also published quarterly, bringing an assortment of research papers from a variety of topics, alongside unique features and interviews.

Here at EMJ we’re dedicated to becoming the go-to place for healthcare professionals by 2025. We were born in 2012 with only two members of staff, but as time has gone on, we’ve steadily grown into a friendly bunch of over 50. Take a look below to find out a bit more about us!

Chairman of Advisory Board: Prof Jonathan Sackier

Chief Executive Officer: Spencer Gore

Chief Commercial Officer: Daniel Healy

Managing Director: Dan Scott

Head of Marketing: Marc Koskela

Head of Commercial: Michael McConaghy

Key Account Director: Pavan Ramrakha

Performance Manager: Darren Brace

Senior Project Managers: Kelly Byrne, Hayley Cooper, Nabihah Durrani, Millie McGowan, Max Roy

Client Services Senior Project Managers: Vanessa Frimpong, Alexander Skedd, Caleb Wright

Project Managers: Emilie De Meritens, Tilly Flack, Antonio Grier, Robert Hancox, Rebecca Harrison, Andrew Hodding, Mark Kirwan, Lewis Mackie, Thomas Madden, Jack Moore, Billy Nicholson, Aleksandar Popovic

Client Services Executive Project Managers: Mariana Napoleao

Client Services Associate Project Managers: Jessica Alcock, Andrew Le Baigue

Sales Administrator: Simi Ige

Head of Client Services: Courtney Jones

Head of Special Projects: Jayne Logan

Finance Manager: Antony Kindell

Head of Recruitment: Karen Lee

Head of Operations: Keith Moule

Operations Manager: Nikki Curtis

Operations Assistants: Satkartar Chaggar, Emma Knight, April McCaffrey

Editor: Evgenia Koutsouki

Deputy Managing Editor: Sam Davis

Content & Editorial Assistants: Michaila Byrne, Isabel O’Brien

Content Assistant: Cheyenne Eugene

Editorial Co-ordinators: Katherine Colvin, Anaya Malik

Editorial Assistants: Janet Nzisa, Louise Rogers, Theo Wolf

Design Managers: Tian Mullarkey, Stacey Rivers

Graphic Designers: Gennaro Draisci, Roy Ikoroha, Emma Rayner

Junior Designer: Steven Paul

Digital and Data Innovation Manager: Louis Jonesco

Marketing Coordinator: Noah Banienuba

Business Analyst: Rajdeep Bhangoo



“Thank you very much for all the wonderful work you have done till now to make my dream come true. It has been a really amazing and fantastic experience working with your team and truly unbelievable that my article got published in EMJ of Medicine Cardiology.” Dr Udaya Prashant Ponangi

“Thank you so much. It’s been a great experience working with you. I am excited to write again in the future.” Dr Malay Sarkar

“I was very impressed by [the] latest edition, which presents highlights from the recent ERS International Congress in Milan and some very interesting and wide-ranging reviews and articles.” Prof Peter Barnes 

“The current issue of EMJ Nephrology is excellent, easy reading, and certainly helpful for [the] nephrology community of both [the] developing and developed world.” Dr Harun Ur Rashid