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Podcast: Gold with Gore

EMJ is delighted to present ‘Gold with Gore’, a pioneering podcast series hosted by EMJ Founder, Spencer Gore. Throughout these episodes, Spencer explores the mindset of inspirational and gold medal winning guests across sport, business, technology, and entrepreneurship to understand how they reached the top of their fields.

EMJ has ten values that everyone is aligned with, and one of these is ‘Gold Medal Winning’, which is about being the best version of yourself and also empowers a culture that propels our mission of elevating the quality of healthcare globally. Discovering how these gold medal winning guests achieved their success provides a fascinating, first-hand insight into their motivations and approaches, and we hope to captivate and inspire personal growth and development. We hope you enjoy the series, get inspired, and, ultimately, go for gold!

If you would like help on your gold medal winning journey, reach out to EMJ at [email protected].

Episode 03 – Eric Partaker

On this episode of Gold with Gore, Spencer is joined by Eric Partaker, an entrepreneur, coach, and mentor for chief executive officers, and the author of the bestselling book The 3 Alarms. Partaker delves into his history and the work ethic taught by his parents, which influenced his career and life. While discussing his relentlessness, Partaker explains how he ended up in the UK, and how missing Mexican food led him to co-find the restaurant chain, Chilango! Partaker not only details his successes, but also openly outlines the challenges and failures he has faced and how, with a forward-thinking mindset, they proved to be significant learning points.

Eric Partaker | Spotify | Download MP3 (mp3, 60:01 mins)

Episode 02 – Peter Boolkah

Award-winning business coach, speaker, and entrepreneur Peter Boolkah shares his insights with Spencer this week in this episode of Gold with Gore. Peter is Founder of Peter Boolkah Business Coach and is the proclaimed ‘Transition Guy’, supporting business owners, top level executives and organisations navigate their next level growth successfully. The pair discuss Peter’s experiences working to scale-up and transition companies and touch on different business growth models, frameworks, motivations, and mindsets. They also compare notes on some of the helpful books they have read and incorporated to help build successful teams.

Peter Boolkah | Spotify | Download MP3 (mp3, 25:31 mins)

Episode 01 – Robbie Cowling

In this episode, Spencer hosts award-winning founder of JobServe, and Chairman of Colchester United Football Club, Robbie Cowling. This podcast looks at how he built his gold medal winning career, including how he came to establish JobServe, and subsequently buy Colchester United Football Club. They also explore a deeper dive into the driving forces behind his success, and the resilience required to overcome challenges such as the dot-com crash, recessions, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robbie Cowling – Part 01 | Spotify | Download MP3 (mp3, 32:12 mins)


Robbie Cowling – Part 02 | Spotify | Download MP3 (mp3, 25:26 mins)