Q&A Webinar on the Management of Recurrent Cystitis - European Medical Journal

Q&A Webinar on the Management of Recurrent Cystitis


The aim of this webinar is to share highlights on the topic “Improving the management of recurrent cystitis in clinical practice: can we do more?”, addressed during the OM Pharma industry symposium at EAU 2020 virtual congress. During this session, we will have the opportunity to interview Profs Tommaso Cai, Gernot Bonkat and Florian Wagenlehner, who will share their expert opinion and address questions related to the disease burden and management of recurrent cystitis, based on the evidence and their extensive clinical experience.

This webinar is sponsored by OM Pharma and the views are those expressed by the speakers and not necessarily those of the company and its affiliates.

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