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Vaccines, leadership and blockchain

Season 02: episode 01

The GOLD team is delighted to launch Season 2 of the GOLD Podcast. With a brand-new format, this season will span news, exclusive interviews, in-depth exploration into industry trends and much more!

In this launch episode, GOLD speaks with Judy Stewart, Senior Vice President and Head of US Vaccines, GSK, about her extensive career, vaccine development and her approaches to leadership and work-life balance.

But that’s not all. Vincent Steine, Independent Pharma Broker and blockchain enthusiast, shares his expert insight about pharma and blockchain, offering a deeper dive into GOLD’s upcoming feature on the topic. In this exclusive interview, he tells GOLD about where his interest in blockchain stemmed from, how the technology could transform venture capital and what competing technologies he also sees making waves within the pharma landscape.

A little more on GOLD’s guests…

Judy Stewart has been with GSK for 20 years, holding positions across a broad spectrum of roles and therapeutic areas. She is a committed leader and industry expert, specialising in areas such as vaccine development, business strategy, and brand management.

Vincent Steine has worked within the pharmaceutical industry for the past decade, holding positions at pharma giants Teva and Sandoz, working in roles from customer engagement to business development. Vincent recently became an independent consultant, with a key focus on connecting startups and scaleups with pharmaceutical companies and other potential stakeholders.

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