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Challenge 273 – Could you do it?

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Written by Spencer Gore  CEO, European Medical Journal  @SJGore


So today sees the launch of Challenge 273. This consists of 3 separate challenges over the next 12 months starting today, the 28th May 2017 and finishing on the 27th May 2018. For all 3 challenges, we have one goal, to raise £27,300 for charity.

The 3 challenges have been set specifically to fit in with my 3 focuses this year which are to get fit, grow my business and look after my family. So, there are two physical challenges and one mental to borrow a phrase from the crystal maze!

Although training for the physical challenges starts today, the first challenge starts in 273 days. The aim is for me to complete the St Peters Way Ultra Marathon. This takes place in February next year and is 73km cross country running, roughly the equivalent of running 2 marathons back to back. To put this into perspective the furthest I’ve raced before is 5 miles and the furthest I’ve run is 13 miles on a treadmill. I’ve done that once!

Five weeks later challenge two starts. Over the Easter weekend I’ll be completing Devizes to Westminster canoe race otherwise known as ‘the canoeists Everest’. At 200km long I can understand why! The longest canoe race I have ever completed before is 18miles and the furthest I’ve ever canoed in one go is 22 miles so just a little bit of work to do there too!

That puts the total distance covered at 273km over the two events.

The third challenge, the mental side, is to help me focus on the growth of my business and ensure I don’t get distracted purely training for the two physical challenges. For this I need to help grow the business by £2,730,000 over the course of the year, quite some stretch goal.

As I mentioned the goal for all three challenges is to raise £27,300 for charity. This is the family element to the challenge as the charity is one that so close to our hearts. I’ll post a separate blog on this soon.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with the challenges on a regular basis and announcing the charity we will be raising money for in the coming weeks to please do keep an eye out either here on LinkedIn or you can follow me in the following places.

Twitter – @SJGore

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Instagram – Gore.SJ

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