Are You Sitting Comfortably?: The Power of Storytelling – Part 2 - European Medical Journal

Are You Sitting Comfortably?: The Power of Storytelling – Part 2

The EMJ Podcast | Episode 146

This episode dives deep into the meaning of physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Jonathan is once again joined by Lalith Wijedoru, consultant emergency paediatrician and Founder of Behind Your Mask, UK. The pair discuss approaches to improve physical wellbeing, such as musical therapy, and how moral distress can cause burnout. Further topics of conversation include the welfare of children, the importance of skin-to-skin contact for maternal and paternal bonding, and how abuse can affect children long-term.

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Speaker bio:

Lalith Wijedoru is a graduate of University College London (UCL) Medical School, UK. He trained in paediatrics in and around Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK, and Oxford School of Paediatrics, UK, and completed sub-specialist training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine in London. Wijedoru is the founder of Behind Your Mask, which focuses on the power of storytelling to enhance human connection and emotional wellbeing in the workplace, and is an award-winning facilitator for these sessions. He and his team won the staff engagement award from the Health Services Journal Awards 2020, and the most powerful storytelling round at the Point of Care Foundation Schwartz Awards 2021. In his free time, Wijedoru enjoys yoga, fitness, walking, and music.

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