Onco-Fertility Care: EMJ Webinar

Onco-Fertility Care


With the growing number of young patients who have survived cancer, onco-fertility care has become an essential aspect of cancer disease management. This webinar explores the different aspects involved in onco-fertility care, including fertility risk, prevention strategies, and pregnancy planning.

Themes covered include:

  • fertility preservation options;
  • fertility counselling after cancer;
  • pregnancy after cancer; and
  • contraception and ovarian insufficiency management after cancer.


Margherita Condorelli is a gynaecologist who specialises in onco-fertility. She currently works at the Hôpital Universitaire de Bruxelles (H.U.B), Hôpital Erasme Fertility Clinic and is completing her PhD on breast cancer onco-fertility management, at the Research Laboratory on Human Reproduction at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), under the supervision of Isabelle Demeestere, Director, The University of Brussels, Belgium. Condorelli is also part of the Belgian Fertility Education Initiative (BFEI), which aims to support and develop evidence-based activities to increase fertility awareness.

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