Unmasking the ADVENT-HF Outcomes in Those with Heart Failure and Sleep Apnoea - European Medical Journal

Unmasking the ADVENT-HF Outcomes in Those with Heart Failure and Sleep Apnoea


The EMJ Podcast | Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode of the EMJ podcast, Dr. Douglas Bradley is joining our host Dr Hannah Moir to discuss the recent outcomes from the ADVENT-HF randomised clinical trial. The discussion revolves around the relationship between heart failure and co-existing obstructive and/or central sleep apnoea. Dr Bradley considers the use of adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV), a non-invasive positive airway therapy, and provides insights on the trial outcomes. He also delves into the mechanism of action underlying ASV and discusses future developments in the sleep and cardiovascular space.

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This podcast has been funded by Philips.

Speaker bio:

Dr. Douglas Bradley, Director of the Sleep Research Laboratory at the University Health Network’s (UHN) Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (KITE) and Centre for Sleep Medicine and Research, Toronto General Hospital, Ontario, Canada.
Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Dr. Bradley led the research team at the UHN KITE Research Institute which conducted the ADVENT-HF, a randomised clinical trial which investigated the use of adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) in those with heart failure and sleep disordered breathing.

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