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Two Studies Demonstrate the Benefits of Allergen Immunotherapy

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MAJOR benefits of allergy immunotherapy (AIT) have been displayed in two retrospective studies as part of the BREATH real-world evidence programme. The results, presented in a Stallergenes Greer PLC, London, UK, press release, demonstrate that AIT can reduce the need for rhinitis and asthma symptomatic medications in patients with respiratory allergies.

First Study

The first study compared treatment with AIT sublingual tablets in addition to symptomatic medications to symptomatic medications alone in 28,574 patients with grass pollen-induced allergic rhinitis in France over a 4-year period. This showed a 50% decrease in the number of symptomatic medication prescriptions per year in the 1,099 patients in the AIT group compared to a 30% increase in the non-AIT cohort, who numbered 27,475. Additionally, there was a 63% reduced risk of new asthma medication onset in the AIT versus non-AIT patients, and a 40% decrease versus a 20% increase in asthma medication prescriptions among patients already taking asthma medications at the start of the study in the AIT and non-AIT groups, respectively.

Second Study

In the second study, prescription data from 54,006 patients with birch tree-induced allergic rhinitis and asthma in Germany were analysed, again comparing AIT (this time either administered subcutaneously or sublingually) and symptomatic treatments to symptomatic treatments alone. This evaluation showed that during the follow-up period, 65% of the 9,001 AIT-treated patients were free of allergic rhinitis symptomatic medications compared to 47% of the 45,005 non-AIT-treated patients. Also in this period, 49% versus 35% of the AIT and non-AIT groups, respectively, were free of asthma medication. During treatment, there was a significant reduction in new asthma medication being started in the AIT versus non-AIT group.

“New Insights”

“These data provide new insights on allergy immunotherapy benefits for asthmatic patients,” said Prof Ulrich Wahn, Charité Medical University, Berlin, Germany and a member of this study’s scientific committee. “This study builds upon our understanding of AIT and will help health care providers around the globe to make more informed decisions about how to treat patients suffering from respiratory allergies.”

“Further Evidence”

Dr Fereydoun Firouz, Chairman and CEO of Stallergenes Greer, added: “As a global leader in allergy immunotherapy, we are pleased to be able to provide further evidence into the real-world effectiveness of allergy immunotherapy for patients across Europe.”


James Coker, Reporter

For the source and further information about the study, click here.

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