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Introducing EMJ Innovations 1.1

United Kingdom, January 10, 2017: Happy new year and welcome to our first journal of the year, the inaugural edition of the European Medical Journal Innovations eJournal, our new venture aimed at presenting recent developments in medical modernisation and eagerly anticipated technological advances of the near future. With highlights from last year’s leading medical trade fair MEDICA 2016 and its associated conferences, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, this publication presents an array of thought-provoking articles, including two features, and interviews with renowned professionals at the forefront of innovation.

Exhibitors from all over the world were found at MEDICA 2016, showcasing medical technology knowing no boundaries. Over the course of 4 days, attendees were welcomed to an array of events aimed at propelling key networking between peers, with >5,000 exhibitors from >70 countries worldwide, and conferences to update professionals on the growing concerns and progressions across medical practice and the ventures perused behind the scenes.  We include interviews with our esteemed Editorial Board members eager to share their knowledge and experience with others, encompassing the difficulties faced by both clinicians and patients, personal opinions, and future hopes and expectations regarding the ever-growing field of technology application within research and practice.

Our selection of peer-reviewed articles include an in-depth review by Amann on the influence of eHealth technologies on patient participation figures, nominated as this year’s Editor’s Pick. Craig, Royal and Hedgpeth, and Kimble and Massoud present ideas on personalised medicine, flaws in medical school examinations and innovative solutions, and the concept of innovation within the field of healthcare, respectively.  The topic of virtual reality-assisted surgery and mobile-monitored disease management are discussed by Vázquez et al. and Kelli et al., respectively, with the possibility of self-management advancement for epilepsy patients conversed in detail by Hixson. Finally, Evrensel and Ceylan and Bode et al. provide papers on thriving areas of research currently bringing about changes in pathogenesis and cellular interaction models systemically: the role of the microbiome in neuropsychiatric disorders and the utilisation of light sheet fluorescence microscopy in biomedical research, respectively.

Complementing the above articles, this issue includes two feature articles illustrating the future for clinical innovation. Whittle explores the intricacies and peculiarities of technologies as a healthcare enabler and Canhão et al.  highlights the role of patients and caregivers in active contribution to their own therapeutic strategies. Available online now:

EMJ Innovations is guaranteed to draw the attention of those eager to embrace a new era of technological understanding in clinical progression. Zoë Webster, Publisher at EMJ, commented: “We are very excited to introduce this journal to the medical community; we hope it brings as much excitement and anticipation to our readers as was evident in our offices throughout the publication process.”


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