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Atopic Dermatitis: An Interactive Case

1 Mins

In this interactive medical case study, the patient is a 10-month-old child with moderate atopic dermatitis. The case details share the patient’s medical and family history, allergies, and medications, before walking through results of investigations. Explanations for broader clinical understanding and teaching points are embedded throughout the case-based learning, including major and minor diagnostic features of atopic dermatitis, the process of atopic march, food allergy as a comorbidity, and considerations for management. A highly engaging series of questions and exercises with the reasoning behind correct, partially correct, and incorrect answers allow you to further grow your knowledge and skills.

You can test and develop your clinical understanding of wound care by working through another interactive case here.


This initiative was funded by Meda Pharma S.p.A, a Viatris company. Medical writing support for content development was provided by the Medical Services Department of Viatris and Global Medical Affairs – Dermatology Department. of Meda Pharma S.p.A., a Viatris company. Technical and Editorial support was provided by EMJ.

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