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Safety and Efficacy Multicentre Study of a New Multifocal Treatment to Control Acne-Prone Skin

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Assess the effectiveness and safety of a new multifocal topical method (acnelan) for acne-prone skin, using in-vitro and in-vivo studies.

Multicenter study were conducted in Spain between July 2014 and May 2015 on volunteers with mild-moderate acne. The protocol applied consisted in 3 sessions of an intensive treatment performed at the clinic, with 15- to 21-day intervals, according to the specialist’s recommendation and the patient’s skin sensitivity and capacity to recover. Simultaneously to the in-clinic treatment, patients used the maintenance treatment at home.

•  Apply an ultra-concentrated descaling gel mask (acnelan multifactor mask), with predominately keratolytic and antimicrobial properties.
•  Allow to act for a maximum of 3 minutes. (This time was adjusted by a professional according to the patient’s characteristics and skin type*).
•  After the exposure time, neutralise and soften the mask by spraying with a neutralizing spray.
•  Remove the mask with a moist towelette.
•  Apply the content of a single dose of gel (pore sealing shield) directly to the treated area.
•  Finish the treatment by applying sun block SPF 50+.

TREATMENT PRECAUTION: given the composition and characteristics of acnelan multifactor mask, its use is recommended in skins with mildmoderated acne and with an exposition not superior to 3 minutes, monitoring possible side effects such as an excessive irritation of the skin which can result in a frosting process and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pay special attention to acne in inflammatory phase).

Inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions reduction, as well as hyperpigmentation decrease was significant and evident in ratios close to 80%. Also decreased surface sebum and skin texture improvement was observed in 100% of cases. Some transient expected side effects were observed.

9 out of 10 volunteers would repeat clinic treatment. The organoleptic parameters test along with low secondary effects appearance confirms the high level of volunteers’ satisfaction in the intensive and home care treatment.

The study shows the safety and efficiency of acnelan method, for control of acne-prone skin, confirming that a multifocal approach, a clinical & homecare treatment combination as well as consistency of treatment are key aspects to an effective control of acne.

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