Supporting women with psoriasis: How can behavioural science help us? - European Medical Journal

Supporting women with psoriasis: How can behavioural science help us?


The EMJ Podcast | Bonus Episode

This EMJ Podcast, hosted by Gemma Boak, research scientist and health advocate, explores how psychology can be used to optimise the management of treatment for women with psoriasis. Boak is joined by Rob Horne, Professor of Behavioural Medicine and Director of the Centre for Behavioural Medicine, University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy, UK, who shares expertise from his research, focusing on the role of psychological and behavioural factors in explaining variations in treatment responses.

Delving into some of the challenges that physicians face in the clinic, this podcast addresses women with psoriasis who hold strong doubts about their need for treatment, challenges around discussing family planning with patients, and pruritis as a life-quality limiting factor. The podcast ends by questioning listeners: what can dermatologists do to optimise the management of women with psoriasis?

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