The Complete Management of Psoriatic Disease in a COVID World - European Medical Journal

The Complete Management of Psoriatic Disease in a COVID World


Professor Diamant Thaçi – Introduction

In this opening video, which includes a patient’s perspective of living with psoriasis, Professor Diamant Thaçi (Chair) begins with his opening remarks and introductions, and gives an overview of the agenda.

Professor April Armstrong – What really matters to the patient?

In this video, Professor April Armstrong draws upon the interim results from the Global Psoriatic Disease survey, which aims to evaluate patients’ understanding of psoriatic disease. Professor Armstrong explores what really matters to the patient in psoriasis, and how treating the multiple manifestations of the disease can improve patient quality of life.

Professor Diamant Thaçi – Thinking beyond the skin in psoriatic disease

During this presentation, Professor Diamant Thaçi discusses treating the wide spectrum of clinical manifestations and comorbidities in psoriasis, with a focus on possible new dose optimization strategies in IL-17 inhibition treatment in specific patient subgroups.

Professor Christopher Griffiths – Safety matters: making informed treatment decisions in a post-pandemic world

In this video, Professor Christopher Griffiths gives an overview of the importance of safety in treating psoriasis, and considerations for treatment with biologic therapies in the era of COVID-19. In particular, Professor Griffiths focuses on the effects of treatment with biologics on the immunologic response to the COVID-19 vaccines.

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