New Horizons in Dermatology - watch the lectures from the latest GLOBAL MED in Rome - European Medical Journal

New Horizons in Dermatology – watch the lectures from the latest GLOBAL MED in Rome


Expert consensus on contact dermatitis management: From Italy to the world

Prof. Ornella De Pità speaks about management strategies to reduce the use of topical cortisones in both contact and atopic dermatitis.

What overweight patients and athletes have in common: Intertrigo the recurrent inflammatory dermatosis

Prof. Giuseppe Micali speaks about the differential diagnosis of intertrigo and how to protect the skin with the anti-inflammatory ingredients of a tested barrier spray.

Management of plaque psoriasis with a non-pharmacological option

Prof. Giuseppe Micali showcases the use of low, medium, and high concentration urea-based moisturisers and keratolytics in psoriasis lesional and non-lesional skin.

Alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment on patients’ skin: The role of dermatologists in radio dermatitis management

Prof. Giovanni Pellacani introduces a study on radiodermatitis from the protocol to results.

Maintaining skin health in patients with senile xerosis

Prof. Giuseppe Micali provides evidence that tested 10% urea shows progressive clinical improvement and related pruritus in elderly subjects with xerosis.

New perspective in solar lentigo management

Dr Diletta Bonciani illustrates her experience in a comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of using a topical treatment program (with kojic acid, glycolic acid, vit E, vit A, and biodegradable scrubbing beads) to prevent postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) after a laser treatment for solar lentigo.

Psychosocial burden of Atopic Dermatitis (AD), Diaper Dermatitis (DD), and acne

Dr Adriana Oana Diaconeasa guides us through the invisible effects of these well-known skin concerns and on how different specialists can support their patients

New horizons in pathophysiology AD, DD, and novel treatment options

Prof Adelaide Ann Hebert introduces the current advances in AD and the current care guidelines.

The scientific EBM of ceramide and integrated skincare

Dr Cheong Wai Kwong presents the studies behind integrated skincare to promote skin hydration.

Answering the unmet needs in acne management

Prof Vincenzo Bettoli dives deep into the unmet needs of acne management from a disease and patient related perspective and tells us about his experience in a prospective study with products based on salicylic acid.

Q&A on dermatological disease management and psychological impact

Prof. Adelaide Ann Hebert, Dr Adriana Oana Diaconeasa, Prof Cheong Wai Kwong, Dr Diletta Bonciani and Prof. Vincenzo Bettoli answered the questions from fellow HCPs and discussed the management and psychological burden of skin concerns such as acne, atopic dermatitis, and hyperpigmentation/melasma.

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