Inter-organ Communication in Obesity: Adipose Tissue in Type 2 Diabetes - European Medical Journal

Inter-organ Communication in Obesity: Adipose Tissue in Type 2 Diabetes


In this webinar Gijs Goossens provides an overview of:

  • The topic of inter-organ communication in obesity, specifically concentrating on the role of adipose tissue in Type 2 diabetes.
  • The importance of fat mass, fat distribution, and the role of adipose tissue dysfunction in Type 2 diabetes.

About the presenter

Gijs Goossens is an Associate Professor at the Department of Human Biology, School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism (NUTRIM), Maastricht University Medical Centre+, the Netherlands. He has international research standing in obesity-related adipose tissue dysfunction and metabolic impairments in humans. His current research focuses on the impact of dietary, exercise, and pharmacological interventions to improve metabolic health, with a focus on healthy ageing. He has received several prestigious awards for his work on obesity and diabetes, and has served as President, Chair and Vice-Chair of several international scientific committees and congresses in the field of obesity. Goossens has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.


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