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Spoonful of apps

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In the age of innovative digital solutions, mobile apps that help patients to take control of their diseases are becoming increasingly popular. GOLD showcases some standout apps that have been created, or harnessed by, the pharma industry in the past three months

Abbvie takes to TikTok

AbbVie has created a series of short videos on the popular video sharing app TikTok to market its migraine drug Ubrelvy in the US. The Migraine Relief Tok campaign features clips urging viewers to take a break from online scrolling and practise relaxation methods, such as guided deep breathing. Salix Pharmaceuticals has also recently taken to TikTok to raise awareness of its new constipation campaign among patients and healthcare professionals.

Smart monitor from Roche

Roche has launched an industry-first professional blood glucose management solution. The Cobas pulse system uses a glucose test strip reader and touchscreen interface to allow medical teams to take action on blood glucose levels in real time. The Android-powered software can also run certified third-party apps, simplifying the workflow of healthcare professionals by equipping them with valuable clinical insights to improve patient care.

Bayer and Ada Health create chatbot

Bayer has partnered with Ada Health to develop a free app that empowers users to take control of their health. The smartphone app, Ada, uses an AI-based chatbot to help users identify the care they need based on their individual health requirements, medical history and current symptoms. The app poses personalised questions to the user, then recommends care options and next steps. In the US, UK and Germany, the chatbot is also available on Bayer’s Aspirin, Aleve, Midol, Canesten and Iberogast websites.

NHS Trust launches app library

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust has collaborated with ORCHA to launch a new health and wellbeing app library that allows users to search and compare health-related apps for free. Designed to help patients and healthcare providers find the best health apps for helping manage and monitor conditions, the library recommends apps that have undergone an independent review and accreditation process against a large number of rigorous criteria.

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