Meet GOLD's recent catalyst – Claus Zieler - European Medical Journal

Meet GOLD’s recent catalyst – Claus Zieler

Season 02: episode 20

To celebrate the publication of a brand-new issue of GOLD, this week’s episode features GOLD’s latest Catalyst of Pharma: Claus Zieler, President of Established Markets, Astellas. Listen to segments from the published interview, as well as some exclusive additional clips. Claus discusses crisis management, the importance of leaders within shaping company culture, the innovation he is most excited about, and much more.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Claus Zieler graduated from Princeton University as a molecular biologist before joining the pharmaceutical industry 30 years ago. He’s worked for various pharma companies across R&D, sales, marketing and management in Europe, Latin America, the US and Asia, most recently heading up Astellas Established Markets, encompassing Europe, Australia, Canada and Israel. Claus believes that tackling the toughest healthcare challenges requires an approach guided by the best science, and puts the patient at the heart of every decision made, focusing on where the need is great, but treatment options are few – having a corporate culture of collaboration, integrity and teamwork is fundamental to this.

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