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Pharma in South Africa, access, pricing and reimbursement

Season 02: episode 16

In this access to medicines special, the GOLD team is joined by Lenias Hwenda, Founder and CEO, Medicines for Africa, and Alexander Natz, Secretary General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE).

Off the back of our recent feature, Pharma in South Africa, Lenias explains what the implementation of South Africa’s new healthcare system will mean for global pharma, explores the country’s growing genomics infrastructure, as well as turning a critical eye to market access.

Alexander discusses his interest in pricing and access of pharmaceuticals, shares how value-based reimbursement is evolving and where the EU currently lies in reaching its potential for pharmaceutical innovation, including his thoughts on the new EU Health Technology Assessment procedure.

A little more on GOLD’s guests…

Lenias Hwenda, Founder and CEO, Medicines for Africa, is a recognised international health affairs expert, influential thought leader and practitioner. She has contributed on the highest stage of international health affairs, working with African governments in the World Health Organization (WHO) for more than a decade. Lenias co-chaired the historic WHO negotiations between governments on improving the transparency of markets for medicines, vaccines and other health products during the World Health Assembly in 2019. She runs a podcast called Let’s Talk about Health in Africa, which highlights her conviction that health security is a pre-requisite for resilient African economies and sustainable development.

Alexander Natz, Secretary General, EUCOPE, advises innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including start-ups, in regulatory, pricing and reimbursement matters. Prior to pharma, he worked as a lawyer at Sträter Law Firm in Germany, with a special focus on managed entry agreements and licensing of pharmaceuticals. Alexander has also worked in the field of competition law with the European Commission and in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as international pharmaceutical law as a research assistant at Duke University.

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