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The 2022 Pharma Forecast

Season 01: Episode 79

Join Marc and Helena in kicking off the new year with a special episode of the GOLD Podcast, welcoming back six of our previous guests to share their predictions for what 2022 could bring for the pharmaceutical industry.

GOLD’s guests discuss a broad spectrum of topics ranging from new tech trends and clinical trial developments to improvements in diversity and inclusion and patient centricity.

A little more on GOLD’s guests…

Julie Ross, President, Advanced Clinical, is an innovative and experienced leader, with more than 25 years of achievement in the healthcare and pharmaceutical research industry. As a results-oriented, strategic thinker, Julie is always seeking strategic initiatives aimed at improving drug development, clinical trials, and the clinical research industry as a whole.

Jennifer Cain Birkmose, Vice President, Global Head of Patient Access and Community Engagement, Sobi, has an incredibly abundant background in the pharmaceutical industry, public health, and academia. She has spent time as a guest lecturer at The London School of Economics and Political Science, held positions at the World Bank Institute and the World Health Organization, and has also spent time working with pharma giants such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Roche, and now Sobi.

Kay Wesley, Chief Executive, Kanga Health, has, over the course of her career, transformed start-ups into multinational players. Kay was also the Global Digital Director for AstraZeneca for 5 years, during which time the organisation became a digital leader in the industry. Kay was recently elected as the UK’s first Women’s Equality Party Councillor in the UK, where she is fulfilling her passion of campaigning for gender equality.

Florent Edouard is Senior Vice President and Global Head of Commercial Excellence, Grünenthal Group. He’s had a far-reaching career, holding positions across Europe in Paris, the Netherlands, and the UK all the way to Japan. Prior to his current role at Grünenthal, Florent held several positions at AstraZeneca during his 12 years with them, including Vice President of Marketing and Global Head of Analytics and Intelligence.

Chumi Khurana, Global Head, Prostate Cancer Disease Area Stronghold, Janssen Oncology, is a female champion in the men’s health landscape and has long been on the forefront of men’s health advocacy. With almost 25 years of patient-centered experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Chumi has expanded awareness on men’s health and provided innovative services and programs to caregivers.

Keren Leshem, Chief Executive Officer, OCON Healthcare, is a seasoned executive, boasting over 20 years’ experience within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. She has been featured in the likes of Forbes and Women’s Health and is a leading voice in health and business. Keren is also currently an Advisory Board Member for LSX Femtech Leaders as well as a mentor at the health network, 8400.

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