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COVID-19 and the Gut


In this webinar focused on COVID-19 and the gut, Vincent Ho from Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia covers the pathophysiology of how COVID-19 affects the gut, the range of gastrointestinal symptoms that can result from COVID-19, reviewing the latest evidence on COVID-19 and the gut microbiome. The webinar includes a discussion on new gut-based interventions that may be able to assist in recovery from long COVID.

Why healthcare professionals should tune into this webinar:
· To better understand how COVID-19 affects the gut
· To appreciate the latest evidence linking COVID-19 to the gut microbiome
· To learn about the various gastrointestinal symptoms caused by COVID-19
· To gain a sense of the latest research into gut-based interventions that may assist in recovery from COVID-19

Vincent Ho is a senior lecturer in Medicine and gastroenterologist at Western Sydney University in Sydney, Australia. He founded the Translational Gastroenterology Laboratory at the School of Medicine in 2011, which spearheads novel basic science and clinical research in gastroenterology. He has a particular interest in the gastrointestinal microbiome including microbiome interventions such as pro- and prebiotics, and faecal microbial transplantation. His current research interest is in the impact of COVID-19 on the gut and gut-based strategies to assist in recovery from long COVID-19.

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