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COVID-19 Pandemic Knowledge Course

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ES4P’s David Joyce, MD, MBA, and Scott Parazynski, MD, Partner to Offer New Course on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for Anyone and Everyone

Press Release Updated: March 31, 2020 06:00 EDT

BALTIMORE, March 31, 2020 ( – As scientists, doctors, and governments try to get a grip on COVID-19, surgeon and partner of ES4P David Joyce, MD MBA, and physician and former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski, MD, are partnering to offer a new online course on COVID-19 for the general public, in search of vital information, and wanting to do their part to stay healthy and prevent the transmission of this potentially fatal disease. The course aims to go beyond a basic understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering critical advice on what anyone can do and should do to mitigate the risks of contracting and spreading the disease themselves.

Dr. Joyce has deep expertise both as a gynecologic surgeon and as a healthcare educator. “The value of a consistent, up-to-date care process can’t be overstated, and regular updates will be automatically added to the course as time and circumstances dictate,” said Dr. Joyce.

Dr. Parazynski trained in emergency medicine, served as a NASA astronaut, and has delivered healthcare in remote and austere environments, including Everest expeditions and overseeing the U.S. Antarctic Program’s medical clinics and supporting Antarctic staff by means of telemedicine. “The COVID-19 pandemic is especially challenging, and we aim to provide critical information on detection and prevention for everyone,” said Dr. Parazynski.

The course is researched, designed, and created by ES4P, a CME partner of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. ES4P online CME courses are accredited by

Johns Hopkins. Learners can set their own schedule and pace, learn on any device, anywhere, 24-7-365, and have a lifetime, unlimited access to the courses in which they are enrolled. The course is called “COVID-19 MANAGEMENT GUIDE to STAYING SAFE,” click to learn more.

About ES4P

Essential Seminars for Physicians, LLC (ES4P) is a healthcare business professional and physician-owned company that produces and delivers education content, using web-based virtual classroom technology, designed to augment the value-based care model of healthcare delivery. ES4P is affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education, which accredits and offers new, modern, asynchronous education programs created by ES4P.

Source: ES4P



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