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Partnership to Improve Analysis of Patients’ Metabolic Status

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A NEW commercial partnership could advance personalised healthcare by enhancing body scans assessing an individual’s metabolic status. An agreement between the body composition analysis specialists AMRA and the genomics-powered health intelligence company Human Longevity Inc. (HLI), will enable AMRA’s body composition profiling to be added to the Health Nucleus experience, HLI’s premier health assessment.

Whole Body Analysis
The body composition profiling by AMRA is able to produce 3D-volumetric fat and muscle measurements from a 6-minute whole body MRI, enabling accurate and precise fat and muscle volume and distribution analysis, as well as metabolic status assessments. Combined with the Health Nucleus, which integrates advanced whole body and brain MRI with genomics, metabolic profiling, and other clinical testing, these technologies will provide enhanced insights into an individual’s metabolic status.

Patient Empowerment
Tommy Johansson, Chief Executive Officer, AMRA, commented: “This is an exciting day for AMRA, as we take a significant step forward in our journey to advance the cause of precision medicine and preventative care. Through our partnership with HLI, individuals will now be able to access our technology for the first time outside of medical research. We hope that our body composition profiling, combined with HLI’s cutting-edge digital health assessments, will set the standard for the future of personalised medicine.”

The partnership should therefore enhance patient empowerment, providing the detailed information necessary for people to proactively plan and stay ahead of ageing and illness.

James Coker, Reporter

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