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A Shifting System

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Episode 84

A Shifting System

This week, Jonathan speaks with Bruce Gingles, Founder, Business, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology (BEST). Bruce shares his perspective on how the medicinal system has shifted and continues to do so, delving into discussions around economics, bureaucracy, and the evolving role of physicians. He also tells the tale of his run in with a headless snake.

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Speaker bio

Bruce Gingles is the Founder of the small, not-for-profit, Business, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology (BEST).

He spent 41 years as an employee of Cook Incorporated and Cook Medical, a medical devices manufacturer. He began his career in sales, eventually becoming a senior member of the team and drawing his long-established career to a close as Vice President, Global Technology Assessment and Healthcare Policy.

Bruce’s primary occupational efforts and interests have been focused on the development and commercialisation of medical devices. Toward the end of his career, he became, and remains, curious about the role of health and technology economics in the delivery of optimal healthcare.

Bruce co-edited Elsevier’s handbook, Medical Device Innovation: Concept to Commercialization. He has additionally spoken at numerous talks across four continents on medical device topics, ranging from innovation to value to ethics.

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