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What Hurts One, Hurts All

General Healthcare

EMG-Health | Episode 86

Jonathan sits down for a discussion with Dr Rola Hallam, Founder, CanDo, former Medical Director, Hand in Hand for Syria, and human rights campaigner. Together, they assess the harrowing issues of health disparity across the globe, Rola’s experiences providing aid in Syria, and what we all must do to aid the humanitarian crisis.

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Speaker Bio

Dr Rola Hallam is a humanitarian, international speaker and human-rights campaigner. She is the first Syrian TED Fellow and Founder of CanDo, an organisation supporting frontline health and aid workers to save children’s lives in communities affected by war. She has helped build 7 hospitals in Syria, including the first ever crowdfunded hospital, and has shared global stages with presidents, celebrities and activists alike.

Please consider visiting www.candoaction.org to learn more about Rola’s organisation.

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