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Medics Modifying Lifestyles

The EMJ Podcast | Episode 118

In this episode, Jonathan is joined by Angela Goyal, a general practitioner and media doctor. Goyal is also the Director of Inspired Medics, an organisation that provides medics with education in lifestyle medicine for patients and medics. They discuss Goyal’s career and how they came to specialise in dermatology, as well as their time volunteering at a hospital in Madhya Pradesh, India. Goyal details lifestyle modification and medicine in treating and preventing certain diseases and disorders.

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Speaker bio:

Angela Goyal started their medical career at Leicester University in the UK, where they obtained medical degrees in medicine and surgery. They then went to the University of London to study a postgraduate diploma in dermatology, and then became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners with distinction.

Today, Goyal is a general practitioner in Leeds, UK, and Lead Clinician in clinical dermatology. An innovative disrupter in lifestyle medicine, Goyal is Founder and Director of Inspired Medics, an organisation dedicated to educating medics.

Despite all their achievements in their career, and being able to speak Hindi and Punjabi, Goyal’s proudest achievement is raising two children alone. Goyal keeps fit by eating healthily and exercising, including running 10 km and half marathons, hill walking, paddle boarding, and yoga.

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