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Introducing the European Medical Journal 1.2

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United Kingdom, April 05, 2016: The second edition of our new eJournal series, the European Medical JournalEMJ 1.2, is available now, and brings you a veritable range of research highlights from across our therapeutic areas. The European Medical Journal series represents a range of topics across the breadth of medicine; a promotion of the multidisciplinary approach to practice and the dispersion of information in the form of feature articles, peer-reviewed articles, and symposia.

We believe that by bringing together some of the best of our recently published work, the 2016 series of the European Medical Journal will give you access to a multitude of hot topics and fresh, stimulating ideas. It is our hope that this eJournal builds on the success of the inaugural issue, EMJ 1.1, which was published in January.

Inside EMJ 1.2, there are articles that address important components of current research, which relate to the investigation of novel diagnostic, therapeutic, and management techniques. In our editor’s pick, Ponce et al. analyse advances in the technical aspects of peritoneal dialysis, as well as the advantages and limitations of this treatment for acute and chronic kidney disease; this will be a vital piece of reading for anyone involved in the field of nephrology. Another highlight from this edition comes in the form of a comprehensive review of alcoholic liver disease, courtesy of Pal and Ray. These are just a few examples of the stimulating research there is to look forward to in this edition of the European Medical Journal. The eJournal is online here.

It is our sincere hope that this journal proves both useful and inspiring to provide healthcare professionals their daily practice and research.


About the European Medical Journal
The European Medical Journal is an independent company that annually produces a collection of open-access medical eJournals covering therapeutic areas such as Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Urology. By combining editorials from key opinion leaders with concise news coverage from the leading congresses within the medical industry, we aim to deliver first-class insight into ground-breaking changes and advances in medicine. The production of our high-quality, peer-reviewed eJournals, and our collaborations with independent clinical bodies result in a dynamic and contemporary tool with which to assist industry professionals across Europe in progressively developing their performance and efficacy.

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