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Smart Safe Future with Emotion Detection AI Technology

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AN EMOTION virtual recognition tracking system presented by a group of researchers from Incheon National University, South Korea could pave the way to a new era of technological revolution in modern society. With the current 5G (5th generation mobile network) communication and further advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), people and devices have been intertwined like never seen before. This new system, referred to as the 5G-I-VEmoSYS, promises to detect human emotions using wireless signals and body movement. According to the researchers this system can recognise and process five different emotions: joy, pleasure, a neutral state, sadness, and anger, using three subsystems of detection, flow, and mapping of human emotions.

The first system for detection of human is Artificial Intelligence-Virtual Emotion Barrier (AI-VEmoBAR), which establishes information dependent on the wireless signals from a participant to detect emotion output. This is then passed on to an AI flow system called Artificial Intelligence-Virtual Emotion Flow (AI-VEmoFLOW), which analyses the stream of specific emotions at a distinct time and location. The final stage is the mapping of human emotions using Artificial Intelligence-Virtual Emotion Map (AI-VEmoMAP); by assessing the stream of data, a virtual map is created and utilised for threats and crime prevention.

Prof Hyunbum Kim, lead researcher in this study says, “Emotions are a critical characteristic of human beings and separates humans from machines, defining daily human activity. However, some emotions can also disrupt the normal functioning of a society and put people’s lives in danger, such as those of an unstable driver. Emotion detection technology thus has great potential for recognizing any disruptive emotion and in tandem with 5G and beyond-5G communication, warning others of potential dangers.”

A remarkable advantage of 5G-I-VEmoSYS system is the privacy protection of users maintains anonymity of subject whilst providing information to the system. Additionally, if a serious emotion like anger or fear is exposed in a public area by the system, information can be shared swiftly to the nearest police body to prevent a potential crime or terrorist threat. Prof Kim confirmed that following these initial findings, AI-based algorithms should be developed to protect against hacking.

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