The European Medical Journal Presents: EMJ Innovations 3.1 - European Medical Journal

The European Medical Journal Presents: EMJ Innovations 3.1

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London, United Kingdom, January 10, 201

The European Medical Journal has published the latest edition of the EMJ Innovations eJournal, which includes a comprehensive review of last year’s MEDICA Trade Fair, held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

During an enthralling 4-day celebration of medical innovations, attendees from across the globe witnessed and debated the foremost medical advancements via numerous expert sessions, forums, and exhibits. Captured within the EMJ Innovations Congress Review are the remarkable moments experienced at MEDICA 2018, which are sure to capture the imagination of readers everywhere.

The highlights of this publication include a carefully curated selection of peer-reviewed articles on topics including nano-interventions in atopic dermatitis, adverse effects caused by anti-calcitonin gene-related peptide monoclonal antibodies, and the use of four-dimensional bioprinting in regenerative medicine, to name just a few.

Readers can also gain insights from members of the EMJ Innovations Editorial Board, who contribute their thoughts and experiences in the Interviews section. Learn about their careers, ongoing projects, hopes for the future, and top tips for friends and colleagues.


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