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Trading Song For Science

EMG-Health | Episode 92

This week, Jonathan is joined by Mike Einziger, a multiple Grammy-nominated musician, inventor, and technology entrepreneur. The pair discuss Mike’s impressive career in music and gravitation towards science, touching on the fascinating technology companies he has founded: Mixhalo and Versicolor Technologies. Their conversations also cover the skin condition tinea versicolor, pigmentation, and other applications of Mike’s curious involvement in dermatology.

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Speaker Bio

Mike Einziger is the lead guitarist for the multi-million record selling band Incubus, alongside being a successful producer and songwriter with an impressive history of collaborations, including the likes of Pharrell Williams, Avicii, and Hans Zimmer. Graduating from Harvard University in 2011 is amongst his many other accolades, as well as founding technology company Mixhalo and the biotechnology enterprise Versicolor Technologies. Unsurprisingly, Mike lives in a musical household, and is raising three children with his wife, Ann Marie.

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