Are We Virtually There Yet? Part 2 of 2 - European Medical Journal

Are We Virtually There Yet? Part 2 of 2


Telemedicine, telehealth and virtual medical consults have become a part of the Covid-19 lexicon. Prior to the pandemic, these were considered either only suitable for extreme environments, research projects or the ultra-wealthy. Whereas the entertainment industry, banking and travel had embraced digital transactions, medicine lagged behind. Until now.

This two-part webinar features experts who have been on the leading edge of technology in medicine and share their thoughts on where telemedicine was, where it is now and where it is going. Dr. Scott Parazynski has served as an emergency room physician, climbed Everest, managed healthcare in the extremes of the Antarctic and flew five missions on the Space Shuttle. Dr. Yulun Wang developed the world’s first operating theatre robot, advanced that technology to allow for distant operation, then developed a mobile telemedicine platform that combined robotics, virtual care and internet use and took that company to a massive acquisition.

Join our host, Dr. Jonathan Sackier, as he discusses all aspects of telehealth from remote environments on earth and in space as well as the World Telehealth Initiative that seeks to democratize healthcare provision across the globe.

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