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Gilead Symposium at AIDS 2024

Developed under the direction and sponsorship of Gilead Sciences, Inc.

As life expectancy for people with HIV has improved, healthcare needs have changed, and it’s clear that success is more multifaceted than an undetectable viral load. What role does treatment selection play and what factors should be considered when selecting a treatment to support long-term success in HIV management?

As the HIV community gathers at AIDS 2024, Gilead is proud to sponsor an interactive and engaging symposium that aims to examine the factors of antiretroviral therapy (ART) that can help people with HIV to achieve durable viral suppression and long-term success.

A panel of international experts will explore this important topic and community members will share first-hand accounts of what long-term success in HIV management means to them.

How treatment selection can support long-term success to manage HIV

Thursday July 25, 12:00–13:00, Hall B0a / Channel 4

Developed under the direction and sponsorship of Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Symposium expert panel

David Malebranche
Senior Director, Global HIV Medical Affairs,
Gilead Sciences.
Christoph Boesecke
University of Bonn,
Bonn, Germany.
Sarah Stone
John Ruedy Clinic at
St. Paul’s Hospital,
Vancouver, Canada.


Gerben Grimmius
HIV Vereniging,
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Kimberly Canady
Educator, Public Health Advocate and Founder of Conversations with Kim LCC.


  • Rapid initiation
  • Safety and tolerability
  • High barrier to resistance
  • Person-centred
  • Treatment experience

Hear from the meeting Chair, David Malebranche

Not able to join us at AIDS 2024?

Please reach out to your local Gilead team for other ways in which we can share these important conversations with you.

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This non-promotional meeting has been organised and funded by Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Date of preparation: June 2024 | IHQ-UNB-5726

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