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European Medical Journal Presents: EMJ Nephrology 6.1

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London, United Kingdom, July 12, 2018

The publication of EMJ Nephrology 6.1 is now available and features a full review of the European Renal Association (ERA) – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (EDTA) 2018 Congress, this year held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Capturing the event’s bustling atmosphere within the pages of its Congress Review, this year’s eJournal presents key research, discussion, and future directions for nephrological medicine. Highlights from within this publication include an assortment of peer-reviewed articles, on topics ranging from peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patients to glomerulonephritis, in addition to personal insights from the eJournal’s Editorial Board, and a selection of handpicked abstracts taken from ERA-EDTA’s largest ever congress.

With many aspects of this year’s ERA-EDTA Congress programme highlighting the number of new challenges faced by nephrology within the congress theme of ‘kidney disease: new paradigms, new challenges, new opportunities’, this year’s 55th Annual Congress attempted to look at the field from a new direction, innovatively tackling the problems faced by the field, to ensure better treatment for patients.

With plenty to offer, EMJ Nephrology 6.1 is sure to showcase fascinating content that will spark countless hours of intense debate and discussion, no doubt leading to further developments and breakthrough discoveries in the treatment of nephrological disorders.

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