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Myasthenia Gravis: An Interactive Case Study

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We invite you to explore our interactive case and engage in the learning experience to enhance your clinical understanding of autoimmune neuromuscular diseases.

In this interactive medical case study, we explore the case of a 27-year-old Italian female who presents with muscle weakness primarily affecting their upper limbs, drooping of the left upper eyelid, and mild intermittent oropharyngeal symptoms. Through this interactive learning experience, we aim to deepen your understanding of this scenario.

The case presentation includes comprehensive details about the patient’s medical history and physical examination, and laboratory results. As you engage with the case, we provide explanations to enhance clinical understanding and offer valuable teaching points on various aspects such as the underlying pathophysiology, appropriate diagnostic testing, and considerations for patient management and outcomes.

To foster active learning, we incorporate engaging questions and exercises that allow you to test and further develop your knowledge and skills. To facilitate your learning journey, we provide the reasoning behind correct, partially correct, and incorrect answers.

This initiative was funded by Viatris. Medical writing and the development of this case study was conducted by Dr. Shivam Srivastava, MBBS, MD, Department of Global Medical Affairs (Tail Brands) Viatris, Bangalore, India.

Technical and Editorial support was provided by EMJ.

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