Hypnosis: A Magical Tool in Clinical Scenarios – Part 1 - European Medical Journal

Hypnosis: A Magical Tool in Clinical Scenarios – Part 1


The EMJ Podcast | Episode 203

Could clinical hypnosis improve outcomes for patients? Find out with Sarah Partridge, Consultant in Clinical Oncology at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, London. In this episode, Jonathan and Partridge discuss how hypnosis can be harnessed in a clinical setting, how it can be normalised, and its impact managing side effects.

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Speaker bio:

Sarah Partridge is a consultant in Clinical Oncology, specialising in treating patients with head and neck cancer, aiming to use her expertise in clinical hypnosis to aid other, conventional treatments and manage treatment side effects.

Sarah currently holds several roles. These include serving as President of the Section of Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine; Director of Tranceform-Medical Ltd; and Consultant in clinical oncology at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust.

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