Aerobic Exercise in Alzheimer's: Effects and Underlying Mechanisms

Aerobic Exercise in Alzheimer’s: Effects and Underlying Mechanisms


Join EMJ and Kristian Frederiksen, consultant neurologist at the Danish Dementia Research Centre for a fascinating webinar focussing on Aerobic Exercise in Alzheimer’s: Effects and Underlying Mechanisms. 

This webinar gives viewers an overview of the effects of exercise in patients with dementia and the mechanisms by which the brain responds to exercise.

The impact of aerobic exercise on the maintenance of human health include effects on brain functions such as cognitive performance. Patients with cognitive impairment benefit from exercise interventions in terms of alleviating symptoms. Several different underlying mechanisms have been proposed that may mediate this effect such as neurotrophic effects, release of exerkines and on beta-amyloid in AD.

Topics discussed include:

  • Exercise in an evolutionary perspective: role of the hunter-gatherer culture
  • The mechanisms by which exercise affects brain health
  • The effects of exercise on symptoms of dementias
  • An overview of current knowledge describing mechanisms of the action of exercise in Alzheimer’s disease
  • How aerobic exercise provides an important adjunct to pharmacological treatment of dementia

About our guest speaker

Kristian Frederiksen is a consultant neurologist at the Danish Dementia Research Centre, Copenhagen, Dermark and director of the Clinical Trial Unit working within the field of neurodegenerative dementias both as a clinician and researcher. Frederiksen´s research focuses on aerobic exercise as an intervention in patients with Alzheimer’s including investigating the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, biomarkers of neurodegenerative disorders, and early Lewy body dementia. He is the co-chair of the EAN scientific panel on dementia and has authored or co-authored more than 60 scientific papers including a European guideline on medical management of dementia.

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