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Introducing EMJ Oncology 5.1

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United Kingdom, October 24, 2017: Welcome to this year’s issue of EMJ Oncology, which is filled with the latest developments from the world of cancer studies. Inside, you will find cutting-edge abstracts detailing ongoing research; the latest peer-reviewed articles focussed on the treatment of, detection of, and screening for cancers; interviews with world-renowned members of the Editorial Board; and a review of all the highlights from the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 congress.

Held from the 8th–12th September 2017, the annual ESMO congress returned to Madrid, Spain and was organised in association with the European Association for Cancer Research; nearly 24,000 attendees from >130 counties took part in the congress and made use of the wealth of knowledge and expertise available. Inside this eJournal, the Congress Review section details the highlights of the event and outlines some of the latest oncology news, including the superiority of docetaxel-based triplet therapy in the treatment of gastric cancers over standard therapies and a look at the psychosocial effect of undergoing chemotherapy.

The selected abstracts included within EMJ Oncology 5.1 detail ongoing research that investigates upcoming cancer treatments. Grigorieva et al. have analysed the side effects induced by the corticosteroid drug dexamethasone when used to treat brain cancers. The link between cancer and the development of cardiovascular disease is outlined by Ruiz-Casado et al., while Maitland et al. have showcased their investigations into the role of ELF3in the development of prostate cancer by analysing the effect of gene up and downregulation in epithelial prostate cells. Interviews with world leading oncology specialists from EMJ Oncology’s Editorial Board are also included within, where they outline their current opinions on the field and give advice for young aspiring researchers.

This issue of EMJ Oncology contains a number of high quality peer-reviewed articles on a number of research areas. This issue’s Editor’s Pick, penned by Lechuga and Huertas, reviews the advantages of epigenetic biomarkers in providing a mechanism of early cancer diagnosis and personalised medicine due to their predictive capabilities and reversibility. Meanwhile Chen et al. describe the hemotherapeutic regimens available to paediatric, adolescent, and young adult patients suffering from extracranial germ cell tumours and highlight future directions for anti-cancer chemotherapeutics. The range of high-quality articles highlights the broad scope and ever-evolving nature of the field. Online now:

Commenting on the release of this new eJournal, Publisher at EMJ, Zoë Webster, said: “This journal will provide those with an interest in cancer with valuable insight and information regarding the focus of current research and future areas to be considered in the field of oncology.”


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