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Introducing EMJ Reproductive Health 2.1

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United Kingdom, August 16, 2016: Welcome to this year’s EMJ Reproductive Health, a journal exploring the latest insights and important developments from the fast-moving world of reproductive health research and clinical practice. In this issue, there are a series of high-quality peer-reviewed articles that highlight recent efforts in tackling prominent issues in the field. Also featured is a comprehensive review of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

ESHRE 2016 took place over 4 days in July and it proved to be another successful and popular event for the society, covering the latest news and developments from human reproductive research and medicine. The journal has published a collection of abstract reviews from the authors themselves whose insightful research was shared and discussed at ESHRE 2016. Also in this edition is a round-up of the most innovative and ground-breaking work presented at the congress. A freeze-all approach to IVF embryos that increases the rates of pregnancy and a challenge to the myth of the benefit experienced by short periods of rest after intrauterine insemination are among the stories recounted.

The peer-reviewed articles chosen for the journal this year include a case report from Farrakh et al. on the successful outcome of a perimorterm caesarean section of an obese patient following cardiac arrest during labour. The report points to the clear value of performing such a procedure and the authors recommend its incorporation into the training of all obstetric staff. Govindan’s literature review of 79 cases of Lipschütz ulcers draws important attention to the issue of misdiagnosis of these painful genital ulcers. It also highlights the need for further research towards understanding the currently unknown aetiology of this challenging condition. There are many more articles which cover a range of aspects of reproductive health to be found in the journal, please find them all here.

It is hoped that the contents of EMJ Reproductive Health provide useful insights and practical information to aid in the daily practice of medical professionals. Zoë Webster, Head of Publishing at EMJ said: “We believe that the wide-ranging and varied content in EMJ Reproductive Health will be of great importance to those involved in this vast area of medicine.”


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