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Paxman Launches First Ever ‘Clinical Pioneer Programme’ to Mark World Cancer Day

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United Kingdom, 01 February, 2018 – British scalp cooling pioneer Paxman, has launched the first ever ‘Clinical Pioneer Programme (CPP)’ to mark World Cancer Day.

World Cancer Day is a global event taking place every year on 4th February, created to unite the world’s population in the fight against cancer and inspire action.

Paxman’s Clinical Pioneer initiative offers individuals within chemotherapy units to be certified as a scalp cooling expert and enables them to remain up-to-date with the latest information.  The programme is part of the companies ‘Changing the Face of Cancer’ campaign and will be rolled out in the UK first ,with a view to expand in other markets in the future.

The Paxman Cooling System (also known as the ‘cold cap’) alleviates the damage caused to the hair follicles by chemotherapy. It works by reducing the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees immediately before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy.

Each Clinical Pioneer will be provided with additional training – over and above the regular training sessions provided to hospitals – to provide them with the knowledge, confidence and authority to become the scalp cooling expert.

The identified pioneer will become ‘the go to person’ within the unit and indeed the hospital, liaising with other key clinical leads to provide sound information, advice and support in the other areas of the chemotherapy journey.

Paxman has over 1,000 cooling systems in 95% of hospitals in the UK providing scalp cooling treatment for cancer patients. Despite the large amount of scalp cooling machines available, the public’s awareness is extremely low.

It is believed that only 10% of the public know what scalp cooling is, while 8% of patients refuse chemotherapy because they do not want to lose their hair. There are also several misconceptions about what the treatment is, from both nurses and patients.

The company is desperate to change these statistics and is working hard to ensure that its machines are being used effectively and that chemotherapy units understand exactly what scalp cooling is.

Claire Paxman, Director of Sales and Training, said “The accreditation programmes will provide achievable quality standards, supportive consultancy and benchmarking, all of which assist facilities to improve the quality of care for patents.”

“Through the accreditation they will be given the knowledge, confidence and authority to offer advice to other clinicians if they are not using the system correctly. This in turn will enable the provision of additional support within the unit, and to enhance best practice and use of all of scalp cooling systems.”

World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action. The Clinical Pioneer Programme is just one of the ways Paxman is helping to change the face of cancer and ensure all cancer patients are given a choice against hair loss.

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Notes to Editor

More information about Paxman
Paxman is the leading global expert in scalp cooling, for the prevention of hair loss during chemotherapy.

Used all over the world, the Paxman Scalp Cooling System is available in two models, the single model provides cooling for one patient and is suitable for a small chemotherapy suite or private bed, whilst the double model provides cooling for one or two patients simultaneously with each cap working independently.

Made from lightweight silicone, the scalp cooling cap is soft and flexible – providing a snug, yet comfortable cap during treatment. Moulding to all head shapes and sizes, liquid coolant passes through the cap extracting heat from the patient’s scalp, ensuring it remains at an even, constant temperature to minimise hair loss.

The concept behind the technology came when mother of four, Sue Paxman, experienced first-hand the trauma of chemotherapy induced hair loss. The company has since been on a personal journey to ensure Sue’s legacy lives on by helping women around the globe minimise chemotherapy-induced hair loss and contribute to their quality of life.

Backed by leading oncologists from around the world, the system has achieved global success in many hospitals and specialist cancer treatment centres.

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