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The Effects of Cancer Treatment: Life After Cancer

The EMJ Podcast | Episode 133

This week, Jonathan is joined by Emma Hallam, Macmillan Consultant Radiographer in Post Treatment & Late Effects at Nottingham Radiotherapy Centre, UK. They discuss Hallam’s career and why her clinic is important for patient who have had cancer. They also discuss the impact that cancer treatment can have on patients, focusing on patient quality of life and symptoms after treatment, and the psychological impact of cancer.

Hallam also comments on the Pelvic Radiation Diseases (PRD) Association’s Best Practice Pathway. Click here to find out more.

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Speaker bio:

Emma Hallam studied therapeutic radiography at the University of Derby, UK, and later earned a Master of Science in advanced practice in radiotherapy and oncology. In 2011, Hallam joined the Information and Support team at Macmillan, where she specialised in supporting patients with breast cancer throughout their treatment, and also in the side effects of treating patients with breast, prostate, or lung cancer. However, she later changed her focus to patients with head and neck cancer who have side effects from radiotherapy, including management and psychological support.

Currently, she leads the Post Treatment & Late Effects Clinic in Nottingham, UK, the first in the country. Hallam is also a Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, where she provides education on late effects, and helping healthcare professionals to deliver personalised care.

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