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Introducing EMJ Reproductive Health 3.1

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Reproductive Health

United Kingdom, August 17, 2017: A warm welcome to the 2017 EMJ Reproductive Health eJournal! This instalment gives a complete review of the much-anticipated European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) congress, this year held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 2nd–5th July. Subjects discussed there spanned ovarian rejuvenation, germline gene editing, endocrine disruptors, cryopreservation, artificial gametes, and pregnancy failure, covering a myriad of topics and making this fascinating congress applicable to all those with an interest in reproductive medicine. After the Congress Review section, you will be greeted with interviews from the EMJ Reproductive Health 3.1 Editorial Board, ESHRE abstract reviews, and finally, high-quality peer-reviewed articles to end this edition.

The interview section is filled with the thoughts and opinions of esteemed Editorial Board members, all of whom are reproductive health specialists. This section offers a compelling read, providing a glimpse of the experts’ backgrounds, expertise, and opinions on the field of reproductive health. Further to the interviews, several abstract reviews are included, selected from the 235 presented at ESHRE and summarised personally by their respective authors to give you a snippet of the fascinating topics covered at the congress.

Lastly, this edition is concluded with the much-anticipated collection of high-quality peer-reviewed articles. The Editor’s Pick, chosen by Editor-in-Chief Prof Joep Geraedts, is a paper written by Xu entitled: ‘Selection of appropriate tools for evaluating obesity in polycystic ovary syndrome patients’, which summarises the potential of tools used as alternatives to measuring BMI in these often misdiagnosed patients. Following this, Mathew et al. present a fascinating review of maternal ovarian torsion, with particular emphasis on the third trimester of pregnancy. Gupta et al. proceed to analyse the roles of human induced pluripotent stem cells and bioengineering techniques in the development of novel renal replacement therapies. This plethora of topics is just a highlight of the high-quality peer-reviewed articles included within EMJ Reproductive Health 3.1. Online now:

The team here at EMJ are confident that the information contained within this eJournal will provide a comprehensive summary of all the goings-on at ESHRE and will help guide further research into the fascinating topic of reproductive health. Zoë Webster, Publisher at EMJ, said: “The whole team at EMJ are extremely proud to share this edition of EMJ Reproductive Health with you. The diverse mix of fascinating articles is sure to pique the interest of all reproductive health specialists; I truly believe the content will have a strong, positive impact on healthcare professionals within the field.”


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